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Applying Vinyl Lettering on a Painted Life Ring


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Supplies You Will Need

Pre-Sol Solvent
Sharp Knife
Straight Pin
Low Friction Sleeves
Vinyl Lettering

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Prep-Sol Solvent

Du Pont Prep-Sol Solvent is available from automotive paint supply stores. In a pinch you can use Simple Green but Prep-Sol really works better.

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Clean the Life Ring

Make sure that the paint is well cured before starting. A minimum of one week is required. Clean the painted surface of the life ring with Prep-Sol to eliminate all dirt and grease. Dry the surface with a lint-free cloth before the solvent evaporates.

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Separate Your Lettering

Separate the port from the vessel name with a sharp knife or razor blade. We use a single edge razor blade held in a box knife.

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Remove the Backing

Remove the backing from the lettering. The lettering will stick to the transfer tape. If it does not, try squeeging the transfer tape first to make sure that the lettering really sticks.

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Apply the Lettering to the Life Ring

Line up your lettering that is stuck to the transfer tape. If you don't get it in just the right spot you can pull the lettering up at this time. Give it a quick jerk!

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Squeegee the Lettering Down

Once you get the lettering in the right spot, squeegee it down. Work with small strokes and don't be afraid to apply pressure.

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Remove the Transfer Tape

Gently remove the transfer tape by pulling it back along itself. Do not try to pull up at a 90 degree angle since this tends to lift the lettering. If removal is difficult, spray the transfer tape with water.

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Squeegee the Lettering Down with the Low Friction Sleeve

Install the low friction sleeve on your squeegee and squeegee the lettering down. This requires a fair amount of force. The better your job here, the longer the lettering will last.

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Pop Air Bubbles

Pop any trapped air bubbles with the straight pin and force the vinyl down to the life ring with you thumbnail. If necessary squeegee once again with the low friction sleeve.

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Admire your Work

Congratulations, you have installed your first lettering! Now install the vessel name and you are finished.

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