OSHA & USCG rope bags and brackets for use with life rings

Our Straps to Go division manufacturers rope bags for use with life rings. They are available in a number of lengths to meet regulatory requirements. Custom orders for non-standard lengths or labeling (we can mark them with your company name to help reduce theft) require small minimum order quantities (MOQ).

In order to protect your life rings and lines consider covering them with one of our heavy duty vinyl covers. These can also be personalized with a small MOQ. Company names and text in other languages are all possible.

We also can provide vinyl lettering for either your new buoys or existing stock. This lettering is made from 3M high performance vinyl, the same material used for graphics on the side of trucks. It has excellent UV stability and adhesion properties (providing the surface is properly prepared).

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OSHA 1926.106(c) requires ring buoys on docks at an interval not exceeding 200'. Each life ring must be equipped with a 90' buoyant line and this assembly "must be ready for emergency rescue operations".

A complete set up for a dock would consist of:

Commercial fishing vessels must use orange life rings with a minimum diameter of 24". They also must be marked with the vessel's name, be equipped with a retrieval line and have retro-reflective tape. White life rings are approved for use on recreational vessels and are often used around swimming pools.

But you're probably wondering:
"Where are the life rings?"
We used to sell life rings when we had a bricks and mortar retail location. Now that we have focused on our manufacturing capabilities and relocated to Cle Elum in Eastern Washington, everything needs to be shipped. Life rings are big and bulky and the parcel companies have started charging for "dimensional weight". In some cases the shipping charge was equal to the price of the life ring. Then we found that life rings could be purchased directly from the manufacturers (who were our suppliers) online and they were willing to adsorb a portion of the shipping cost. This left us in a situation where we could not compete and a business can not survive losing money on a transaction just to be competitive. Our only choice was to discontinue selling life rings and focus on the items that we manufacture.

Single loop life ring bracket
Stainless Steel Ring Buoy Bracket
Part number:  LRB0005

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60 foot rope bag for life ring
60' Ring Buoy Rope With Bag
Part number:  WPM0960

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Cover for 30 inch life ring
30" Ring Buoy / Life Ring Cover
Part number:  WPM1030

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90 foot rope bag for life ring
90' Ring Buoy Rope With Bag
Part number:  WPM0990

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Deluxe 90 foot rope bag for life ring
Deluxe 90' Ring Buoy Rope With Bag
Part number:  WPM0990D

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Cover for 30 inch life ring with Spanish and English text
30" Ring Buoy Cover with Spanish & English text
Part number:  WPM1031

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100 foot rope bag for life ring
100' Ring Buoy Rope With Bag
Part number:  WPM0995

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150 foot rope bag for life ring
150' Ring Buoy Rope With Bag
Part number:  WPM0996

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revised 10/2019