Westpac Marine Services, Inc.

Shipping Hazardous Materials to Westpac

From within the United States

Life Rafts:

These items are all considered hazardous materials for shipping. Unless you are certified by either UPS or FedEx to ship hazardous materials, the only shipping option is by using motor freight (or from Alaska, barge). In order to ship these items:

  • Download a bill of lading from the carriers web site. You will need to fill out the address section, number of shipping units, kind of package and weight and then date and sign the bottom of the form. Make sure to have an "X" in the HazMat collumn. A 24 hour emergency contact number is requried, please contact us if you do not have one and need to use ours.
  • If you are shipping from the lower 48 states and do not have a sizable freight discount negotiated with a shipper feel free to ship your raft "freight collect" (mark that on the bill of lading) using the following companies:
          Washington and Oregon use Diamond Line Delivery Service
          Other "lower 48" states use YRC (800) 610-6500
  • If you are shipping from Alaska your life raft should be delivered to your favorite carrier; AML, Lynden, Northland using the same information. If you must ship using Alaska Airlines give us a call. Unfortunately we do not have freight discounts from Alaska.
  • Package the item in a strong fiberboard container (cardboard box) providing enough padding to protect the unit.
  • Mark the top of the box with your return address and our consignee address
  • Mark one side of the box with the following:
              UN2990, Life Saving Appliances, Self Inflating, 9
  • Ensure that you include information so that we can contact you and understand what you wish to have done with your equipment. We suggest you fill out our Return Form to provide the information we require.

There are substantial fines for improperly shipping hazardous materials. These fines start at about $25,000.00! If you have any questions regarding these instructions please call us at (800) 343-5826. The Department of Transportation does not allow us to accept shipments that are improperly packaged or labeled.

While you might feel that this is all a real pain, think about the passengers of ValuJet Flight 592 who died due to improperly packaged and labeled hazardous materials. These procedures are in place to save lives!

International Shipping

Customers, please contact us for shipping help but be aware we can not always answer questions regarding the transportation of dangerous goods (hazardous materials) from every country.


revised 6/2017