Switlik TechFloat

Redesigned in 2016

The TechFloat™ Lift and Rescue Device is an auto-inflating throwable device designed for four season water and ice rescue. It's unique underarm flotation provides 35 pounds of buoyancy and helps to better keep the victim's head and shoulders out of the water compared to traditional designs. It is fully user servicable.

Equipped with a quick disconnect shoulder strap, the TechFloat™ allows the rescuer to use both hands, yet still quickly secure the line to a stationary object if necessary.


  • Floating line length: 100 feet of ¼" multi-filament polypropylene
  • Buoyancy (inflated): 35 pounds
  • Inflation: water activated automatic (primary mode) or oral back up
  • Lifting capacity: 1600 pounds
  • Bag dimensions: 13"L X 8"H X 5"W
  • Weight: 4½ pounds
  • CO2 cartridge: 33 gram
  • Manufactured in the United States of America

Price:  $359.00 EACH

Part Number:  SPC0100

This item is considered a Hazardous Material for AIR shipments. If you need to have it shipped in this manner we will discuss your shipping options with you prior to billing your credit card.

revised 6/2017