SAR-6 in Hard Container with Extended Equipment and 3 Year Service Interval

Switlik Search and Rescue Life Raft

The introduction of the Mark 2 version of the Search and Rescue Life Raft combines three major features from earlier designs: convertible canopy, toroidal stability device, and twin tube boat shaped hull. The SAR raft has 24 square feet of floor space, the same as is required in U.S. Coast Guard Approved life rafts. As with all Switlik marine rafts, the SAR is built from heavy duty nylon that has been coated on both sides with abrasion resistant urethane. Seams are overlapped and taped both inside an out. The inflation system is designed to operate in temperature of -22° F to +150° F.

The raft also features the same rigid boarding step as Switlik's U.S. Coast Guard approved rafts, along with an extended range survival kit. Options include a double floor, deck mounting cradle, hydrostatic release, EPIRB, or watermaker.

Capacity: 6 persons
Weight: 135 pounds
Container Dimensions: 35½" × 24" × 16½"
Painter Length: 30'
Service interval: 3 years
Warranty: 5 years
Operating temperature range: -22° to +150° F

Included Equipment
1 Repair kit
1 Hand pump
6 Relief valve plugs
1 Bailer
2 Sponger
2 Paddles
1 Survival manual
1 USCG knife
1 USCG first aid kit
66 oz Drinking water
3 Water storage bag
1 Drinking cup
36 Anti sea sickness tablets
1 Can opener
1 Parachute flare
3 Red SOLAS grade hand flares
1 Signal mirror
1 Flashlight with spare batteries and bulb
1 Whistle
1 Spare sea anchor
1 Fishing kit
6 Food rations
1 Compass
1 SPF25 sun screen
1 Sea dye marker

Price:  $6904.00 EACH

Part Number:  SPC0851E

This item is considered a Hazardous Material, we will discuss your shipping options with you prior to billing your credit card.


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