Boat Registration Numbers

Boat registration number layout

If you have a state registered boat the state registration number must be displayed on the vessel near the bow. The number must be a minimum of 3" high in a block style and of a color that contrasts with the hull of the boat. Rather than buying a set of letters and numbers and trying to get them to line up and be properly spaced we cut your registration number from one piece of 3M 220 series high performance vinyl and then apply transfer tape which allows you to install them as one set. The vinyl material is the same as is used on the side of trucks and will provide years of service life.

We sell registration numbers in sets of two (2) since you need to place them on both the port and starboard side of the boat. Pricing is for a set of two. The standard size is 3" high letters. If you want something larger give us a call at (253) 627-6000 and we can cut what you need.

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revised 4/2018