Westpac Marine Services, Inc.

Hydrotesting Paint Ball Cylinders

June 2017: Westpac has closed its hydrotest facility and we are unable to provide options in the Tacoma area.

We get calls all the time asking if we can hydrotest a paint ball cylinder. The answer is yes, but...

The use (or abuse) a paint ball cylinder receives is unlike that experienced by other compressed gas cylinders. The biggest problem has been found to be that the valve/regulator assembly can be unscrewed creating a very unsafe situation. The paint ball industry has solved this problem by using Locktite on the threads of the valve/regulator. While this solves a safety issue it makes it very difficult to remove the valve/regulator assembly prior to hydrotesting. We do not have all the wrenches necessary to properly remove the valve/regulator assembly so this must be done by your paint ball shop prior to bringing the cylinder to us for hydrotesting. They will also be able to install the valve/regulator using the proper Locktite and torque specs.

revised 1/2021