Letter Life Ring Buoy

Life ring lettering

2" black (our standard, or white at no additional cost) vinyl lettering of vessel name and its home port. When you order place the vessel name and port along with life ring size (24" or 30") in the comment section of the order form (when you check out). Normally just the home port city is used, not the state.

Lettering comes already curved for your life ring. Transfer tape has been applied for easy installation. 3M's 220 series high performance vinyl is used, the same as what you see on the sides of trucks, for long outdoor life. On a 30" life ring we can fit about 17 characters on the upper half of the ring and 17 on the lower half. The number varies a bit depending on the actual letters, w's take up more space than i's but 17 is a good number most of the time.

If you are looking for lettering that does not need to meet regulatory specifications for around your pool or as a gift and you want something a bit different, please give us a call.

Life ring is not included.

Installation tip: To make your installation as easy as possible also order a blue squeegee and use some of the transfer tape from the lettering to prevent the squeegee from scratching the vinyl.

squeegee with transfer tape
Squeegee with transfer tape

Price:  $25.00 KIT

Part Number:  LRB0100

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