24" USCG Approved Orange Life Ring Buoy with Reflective Tape

Datrex 24 inch diameter orange USCG approved lifering

The 24" orange life ring comes standard with SOLAS grade reflective tape. This life ring is USCG approved and is acceptable for use on commercial fishing vessels up to 65'.
Life rings are sold individually but for larger orders they are packaged 3 buoys per case. Each case weighs 18 pounds and measures 25" x 25" x 10".
USCG and Canadian Coast Guard approvals.

All Datrex rings are molded from high impact linear low-density polyethylene for superior life expectancy in the most severe environments.
The encircling rope is replaceable.

Price:  $54.95 EACH

Part Number:  LRB0002

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revised 4/2018