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Zodiac USCG Approved Coastal Service Life Rafts

These rafts are USCG approved for use on commercial fishing vessels operating within 20 miles of the coastline. Recreational vessel owners quite often find a USCG approved coastal raft coupled with an abandon ship bag also meets their needs.

Coastal Service rafts can be packed in either a soft valise for stowage out of the elements or a hard container designed to be mounted on deck. Rafts in hard containers come complete with an aluminum cradle, lashings and a hydrostatic release.

Inflatable or insulated floors are NOT an option on this model nor is a boarding ramp. If you need those features please check out Zodiac's USCG approved rafts meeting SOLAS requirements.

As with all USCG approved life rafts, these require annual servicing (although the USCG allows you to skip the first year) by a service facility that is approved both by the manufacturer and the USCG.

Prices include ground shipping to a business address in the continental US.

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revised 2/2015