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Switlik SAR-6-TSD-Mk2

The SAR-6 now comes in two vacuum packed models. One version has the choice of two equipment packs, standard and extended, packed inside the container and provides a three (3) year recommended service interval. The second version has the majority of the equipment packed outside the container in a ditch kit. Since you can deal with dated items, the raft has a recommended service interval of five (5) years!

An compressed air inflation system allows the owner to check the gas charge from the outside of the container. Compressed air also provides really fast inflation times even in cold conditions.

The SAR-6 is Switlik's take on the ultimate life raft for ocean cruising yachtsmen. It provides maximum stability by using the patented Torrodial Stability Device (TSD) and is manufactured using the same materials as their commercial life rafts. Standard features include a rigid boarding step, "boat shape" for maximum usable floor space and dual arch tubes which allow taller occupants to sit comfortably. With a painter length of 30 feet, this raft is designed for a maximum stowage height of 20 feet. In 2016 Switlik introduced a procedure where the packing configuration could be modified by a service facility to allow stowage on the (long) side of the container for placement on a rail or against a bulkhead. Switlik does not offer a cradle for vertical stowage.

The Switlik SAR raft has long been a favorite of search & rescue groups worldwide.

Rollie's Raft Rating (1-5 ★'s with 5 being the best)
Weight: ★
Pack size: ★
Durability: ★★★★★
Ease of boarding: ★★★★
Cost, initial: ★
Cost, over life of the raft: ★★
Overall: ★★★

Rollie's Raft Rating is based against other products Westpac offers. I do not rate offshore rafts higher than coastal models but look at how they fit in to their intended uses. Westpac does not offer life rafts (or other products) that I would not use my self so even a 1 ★ rating in a category might be great compared to what other companies have to offer. If you have questions, please feel free to give me a call.

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