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Personal Locator Beacons (PLB's)

Personal Locator Beacons (PLB's) are designed for use on land, a marine or an aviation environment. They provide all of the signaling capabilities of an EPIRB with a reduced battery life (24 rather than 48 hours at -20 degrees Fahrenheit) which allows them to be small and easy to carry.

The GME model also has an integral GPS and it floats.

PLB's come in two versions, Category I and Category II. Category I units float where Category II units do not.

If you need to register your 406 MHz beacon our registration page will guide you through the process.

PLB's are great products and have many more uses than just on your boat. Carrying one when mountain biking or even in your car if you are traveling in the winter makes sense. The nice thing about PLB's is you can take it with you from season to season, it is registered to you, not your boat or airplane. Costing less that $4.00 per month (figured for the Ocean Signal unit which has a seven year battery) they are a really nice piece of insurance.

Read our thoughts on if you should purchase an EPIRB or PLB for your boat (this is not relevant for shore based users).

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revised 2/2015