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The LifeSling range of products offer the simplest, most reliable way of getting an individual back on board your vessel from the water. Originally developed by the Seattle Sailing Foundation in the 1980's this product has had to undergo very few modifications to keep current.

When you order your LifeSling please do not forget that you will need a way to lift the victim back on board. We offer excellent block and tackle assemblies or you can use a davit. Speed and ease of use quite often are best met using the purpose designed block and tackle assemblies designed to retrieve the victim on the side of your boat. As was noted in the report from the "2005 Crew Overboard Symposium" use of your swim platform should be avoided. The report states "a swim platform is an intimidating hammer" and one of the participants calls it the "cheese grater".

Westpac Lifting Tackle

The LifeSling is one of our favorite products. It is simple, reliable, requires minimal maintenance and really works. That coupled with a fair price makes this one piece of life saving equipment your boat should not be without.

We also stock replacement bags for older LifeSling's. New for 2014 is a blue bag made from "Sunbrella" type material that should have a much better life. Measure the width of your current bag to help figure out which one you need to order. If your bag is yellow you have a LifeSling 1, but now only white bags are offered. The LifeSling 1 bag is 15½" wide and the LifeSling 2 is 12½".

LifeSling2 crew recovery device

Westpac 5:1 lifting tackle
5:1 Lifting Tackle for Crew Overboard Recovery
Part number:  WPM0515

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Westpac 5:1 lifting tackle
Deluxe 5:1 Lifting Tackle for Crew Overboard Recovery
Part number:  WPM0510

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