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Strobe and Life Jacket Lights

We carry strobe lights for ring buoys and life jacket lights that meet both USCG requirements and comply with SOLAS. The Alcares life jacket light is unique offering a five (5) year service life but using non-hazardous alkaline batteries. This simplifies disposal of the lights after their service life since the lithium batteries used in other lights must be treated as Dangerous Goods. You would need to contact the local authorities to obtain their disposal criterion, unfortunately there is no single proper way of disposal.

Inspected and commercial fishing vessels are required to have each immersion suit or life jacket equipped with an approved light. The Alcares product with its five year service life minimizes the labor necessary to comply with this regulation.

The lights we offer are all water activated, an extremely important feature should the victim be incapacitated. Additionally they can be manually activated which would be helpful if you were in a MOM-600 crew recovery device or in a life raft as a signal device for rescuers.

New for us in 2014 is Revere's See-Me Select LED rescue light and strobe. This light fills the niche that ACR's Firefly has long dominated, but the Revere light is much more cost effective. It operates on AA batteries and is USCG approved and meets SOLAS standards.

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Alcares life jacket light
USCG/SOLAS Life Jacket Light
Part number:  PFD0050

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