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We sell EPIRBs manufactured by GME from Australia and Ocean Signal from the UK. Both manufacturers offer units with integral GPS in Category I, automatic release and Category II, manual release models.

GME is setting the standard for reliable, cost effective EPIRBS worldwide. With their non-hazardous battery pack which can be replaced at a reasonable cost, they are easy to ship worldwide. We especially like the float free, automatic release housing that actually is user friendly when performing the required monthly self-tests. It also uses the Hammar hydrostatic release that is available in every port.

We import these units programmed for US flag vessels. If your vessel is registered elsewhere, we have the in house capability to reprogram a unit to meet the requirements of your flag state.

If you need to register your 406 MHz beacon our registration page will guide you through the process.

Our Tech Files section has several articles regarding EPIRB's should you need further help with registering or wondering what an old unit might be worth.

Read our thoughts on if you should purchase an EPIRB or PLB for your boat (this is not relevant for shore based uses).

April 1, 2016: EPIRBs are now considered Hazardous Material for all air shipments. They are required to ship on cargo aircraft so Priority Mail is not an option.

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Hydrostatic Release Kit for GME EPIRB
Part number:  HRU0081

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