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Westpac Marine Services is factory trained and approved to provide service for the full range of Survival Technologies products. We understand "fast turnaround" and are able to arrange for shipment if necessary.

Survival Technologies specifies a two (2) year service interval on all of their MOM-8A and MOM-9 products. This was changed from an annual service requirement on June 7, 2013. Our base charges for the most popular models are:

MOM-8A $130.00
MOM-9 $160.00

These prices include replacement parts required at every service but do not include life dated parts, parts required to be replaced due to damage, repair labor, or shipping charges. Protect your investment by having you unit serviced today.

Corroded CO2 CartridgeHere is an example of a corroded CO2 cartridge which is one of the more common problems we see. Others include ultra-violet damage and on older units adhesive failure where the oral inflation tubes were installed.

Here are the prices of some of the more common items we replace:

LIGHT, PYLON ASSEMBLY W/84" LEAD  Price:  $91.00
38 GRAM HORSESHOE CO2 CART SPC#34-010  Price:  $19.00
LABEL, FRONT, MOM-8A SPC#34-085  Price:  $6.75
LABEL, MOM-8A, BACK SPC#34-088  Price:  $6.75

The MOM-600 has a five (5) year recommended service interval. Labor charges for servicing this module are $140.00 and the basic parts kit runs $150.00.

As with testing all MOM modules, each buoyancy chamber is pressure tested for both structural strength and its ability to hold air. The inflation system is inspected, CO2 cartridges weighed, rubber gaskets replaced and lights tested. If necessary items are replaced due to age or corrosion. The MOM-600 receives a brand new vacuum bag and water sensing bobbin. Each unit is returned with an inspection certificate.

Note: If your MOM module is being used on a racing sailboat please let us know. Many race regulations now require that your vessel's name is written on all inflatable devices. This is easy for us to do while servicing your module and there is no additional cost.



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revised 2/2015