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Now owned and manufactured by the Switlik Parachute Company located in Trenton New Jersey, the Survival Technologies product line offers compact inflatable devices for man overboard situations. Starting with the TechFloat and extending through the MOM-600, Survival Technologies offers you the correct crew-overboard solution.

The MOM-8A meets the International Sailing Federation (ISAF or now called World Sailing®) standards for a crew overboard pole, horseshoe and recovery device. Compared to the standard horseshoe ring and rigid manoverboard pole, the MOM-8A packs in a very compact container and is able to be rapidly deployed.

The TechFloat™ was redesigned in 2016 to provide better buoyancy to the victim along with being an easy to use throwable device for four season rescue, both water and ice. It is user servicable and will be an excellent addition to the first responders toolbox.

Westpac is a factory approved service facility for Switlik's marine products. We can bring your MOM-8A in to compliance for sail boat racing and as of June 7, 2013 are able to offer a two (2) year service interval. Our service web page outlines basic costs and provides help if you need to ship you unit in for servicing.

Switlik | Survival technologies Service

Switlik- Survival Technologies MOM-8A crew recovery device

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5:1 Lifting Tackle for Crew Overboard Recovery
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Westpac 5:1 lifting tackle
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