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Hydrostatic Releases

Westpac stocks a large supply of hydrostatic releases for most brands and models of EPIRB's and life rafts. Contact us if you do not see your EPIRB model listed below, we probably can help you. The only products we carry are the originals, not counterfeit models that have been noted in USCG advisories.

Hydrostatic releases work using water pressure and are designed to release when they are about twelve feet underwater. Care must be taken not to paint these units which would block the holes designed to let the water into the mechanism. The units designed for use with life rafts come with an integral weak link.

March 2010: we have been advised that production of the Automatic Release Mechanism for the S10xx series of EPIRB's that have been marketed under the brand names of Alden and Northern Airborne Technologies has been discontinued. Our inventory has been depleted and unfortunately the only option is to purchase a new EPIRB.

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Hydrostatic Release Kit for Kannad EPIRB
HRU Kit for Kannad EPIRB's
Part number:  HRU0080

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Hydrostatic Release Kit for GME EPIRB
Part number:  HRU0081

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Stainless Steel Pelican Hook
Sea Dog
Stainless Steel Pelican Hook
Part number:  HRU0013

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Hammar Life Raft Hydrostatic Release
Life Raft Hydrostatic Release
Part number:  HRU0001

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If you are in need of a new lashing assembly (tie down) for your life raft container our Straps to Go division can make what you need. Give us a call at (253) 627-6000.

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