Coastal Passage Raft in Hard Container

Switlik Coastal Passage Life Raft

The Coastal Passage Raft (CPR) packed in a hard container is designed for stowage on deck.

  • Container size: 24" long X 13" wide X 12½" high designed for stowage on deck
  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • Total buoyancy: 1140 pounds
  • Tube diameter: 12.83"
  • Inside width: at flats 59.12", at corners 63.99"
  • Outside width: at flats 84.79", at corners 91.77"
  • Recommended service interval: 5 years (the most offered by other brands is a 3 year interval) Switlik has a worldwide service network.
  • Boarding: 4 boarding stations with ladders (most rafts have 1 or 2 places to board). Furled canopy on inflation allows easy boarding from your vessel.
  • Painter length: 25 feet
  • Inflatable/Insulated floor: no
  • Country of origin: United States of America

Survival kit contents:

  • Hand pump
  • Repair clamps
  • LED dynamo/ solar flashlight / strobe light

Price:  $4105.00 EACH

Part Number:  SPC0500C

This item is considered a Hazardous Material, we will discuss your shipping options with you prior to billing your credit card.


revised 6/2017