75 Foot Whitewater Throw Bag

75 foot throw bag with 3/8 inch floating waterline

We make these 75 foot whitewater throw bags using Sterling Rope's 3/8" WaterLine™ and 1000d Cordura material for the bag. The added rope thickness (3/8" as compared to 5/16") makes our whitewater version better suited to situations where the victim would be in current and the rescuers would need to haul him/her to safety by hand.

For 2015 we have redesigned the bag to include features that make "restuffing" the rope easier. The bag is shaped like an inverted cone or "cornet" and also has webbing sewn around the circumference to help hold the bag open while restuffing.

Sterling's waterline has a bright yellow polypropylene sheath for high visibility and a nylon core for strength. Its supple nature makes for easy stuffing and quick deployment. The minimum breaking strength is 3416 pounds. The 3/8" rope used in this device is certified to both NFPA and CE specifications.

Made in the U.S.A. of U.S. and imported parts

Price:  $45.60 EACH

Part Number:  WPM0975


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revised 6/2017