50 Foot Basic Bluewater Throw Bag

50 foot throw bag with 3/8 inch floating MFP polypropylene rope

This is our basic 50 foot bluewater throw bags using 3/8" MFP rope and 1000d Cordura material for the bag. All the bells and whistles have been removed but this is still a functional piece of life saving equipment. Throw bags are an essential part of any vessel's safety kit. They provide an effective method to get a line to a victim who has fallen overboard.

In 2015 we redesigned the bag to include features that make "restuffing" the rope easier. The bag is shaped like an inverted cone or "cornet" and also has webbing sewn around the circumference to help hold the bag open while restuffing.

Multifilament polypropylene (MFP) rope is supple and makes for easy stuffing and quick deployment and like all polypropylene ropes, it floats. It is not as UV resistant as the Sterling Waterline used in our other throw bags but it is about half the price. The tensile strength of 3/8" MFP is 1390 pounds.

Made in the U.S.A. of U.S. and imported parts

Price:  $16.95 EACH

Part Number:  WPM0950


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revised 6/2017