5:1 Lifting Tackle for Crew Overboard Recovery

Westpac 5:1 lifting tackle

You have asked for a less expensive 5:1 lifting tackle and we listened. Questions have also been asked on why marine equipment is more expensive than similar items designed for use in other endeavors and we also have taken that to heart. Our 2013 version of the 5:1 lifting tackle uses blocks provided by Ronstan. These are true sailboat hardware, able to stand the marine environment. What we have been able to do is eliminate the expensive cam cleat and replace it with a Prusik knot which takes the load when you are not pulling and still allows easy release. We have also used rope designed more for rock climbing with low stretch and abrasion resistant properties (we also love the color). The final result is a fully functional 5:1 lifting tackle saving you about 33%!

July 2016: We were asked to come up with a way so that you could easily extend the lifting tackle to its full reach. The solution was simple, just move the Prusik knot to the lower block. All units shipped after July 1, 2016 will have this modification and if you already own a 5:1 tackle this is a change you can do easily yourself.

  • Rope: 8mm Accessory Cord, 100 feet (color varies)
  • Breaking strength: 1400 pounds (snap hooks)
  • Connections: 316 stainless steel snap hooks on both blocks
  • Maximum lift distance: 18 feet

Price:  $195.00 EACH

Part Number:  WPM0515


Orange Cordura storage bag for 5:1 lifting tackle
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revised 6/2017