Seattle Boat Show 2016 number 3

Winslow Life Raft

Friday we received the Boat Show pricing from Winslow. On some models the discount exceeds $1000.00 and they are picking up the shipping cost (subject to a bit of fine print) which could be another $150.00 savings. If you were ever thinking about purchasing a Winslow Life Raft, this would be an excellent time.tutorial android

Winslow offers four basic models:

  • The Rescue Raft is designed for inshore use where you don’t need a canopy or equipment. It gets your body out of the water and keeps the crew together. It comes in 4, 6 and 8 person sizes.
  • The ULO Raft is a coastal service life raft which has a canopy, minimal equipment and dual buoyancy chambers. It packs in a small, light configuration and is also available in 4, 6, and 8 person capacities.
  • The SLOP is Winslow’s offshore life raft which has an extensive equipment pack, inflatable floor, boarding platform, canopy with tripod arch system and large ballast pockets. This model comes in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 person sizes.
  • Finally their ISO 9650 raft fills the needs of racing sailors. Like the SLOP it ranges from 4 to 12 person capacities.

Come see us in our booth on the Concourse level to learn more, or place an order.   We are in booth number 2122 right next to the large Intellian satellite domes. The show starts Friday January 29th and closes on the evening of February 6th. Winslow’s pricing is valid through the close of the show.

Seattle Boat Show 2013 Report #1

The 2013 Seattle Boat Show is about two months away but we are already busy preparing for it. Last Friday the show producer sent out their first draft of booth assignments. It appears we will be in the same general location on the west side of the concourse. The big change this year is Winslow Life Raft will be right next to us and we feel this will be a great move.

Over the past few years we have had great success selling our web straps at the show. Now whenever there is some free time webbing is being cut and buckles are being sewn on. This year we plan on bringing an even greater assortment to the show, new sizes and different buckle configurations. As always the best time of the year to buy straps and sail ties is at the show. We offer large discounts especially if you need 4 or more. Our special $1.00 side release buckle strap will also be returning.

We are also working on a new, less expensive 5:1 lifting tackle. It will still use high grade sailboat hardware but we think we have found a way to provide a dramatic price reduction. Hopefully by the first of December we will have more information, stay tuned.