Streaming Full Movie Mine (2016) Online

Mine (2016) HD

Director : Fabio Guaglione, Fabio Resinaro.
Release : October 6, 2016
Country : Spain, Italy, United States of America.
Production Company : The Safran Company, Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (MiBAC), Roxbury, SUN FILM, Mine Canarias.
Language : English.
Runtime : 106 min.
Genre : Thriller.

Movie ‘Mine’ was released in October 6, 2016 in genre Thriller. Fabio Guaglione was directed this movie and starring by Armie Hammer. This movie tell story about A soldier becomes stranded alone in the desert after a mission goes awry.

Streaming Full Movie Mine (2016)

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Holiday gifts for the sports fan

Why does polypropylene webbing come in so many colors? It is so you can have straps that show your support for your favorite team. Here at work we have problems with Dawgs and Cougs so we have to have webbing to meet their needs.
















There are plenty more colors to choose from, check out our polypropylene webbing page. We can make straps to your specifications or sell you all the components to make your own. Shipping is only $6.00 using Priority Mail and the post office provides really quick service, normally 2 or 3 days depending on your location.

If you don’t see the color you need, give me a call at (253) 627-6000. There are products I stock that have yet to make it to my web site.

Straps for cylinders


We have a problem handling cylinders that are in our shop for hydrotesting. Aluminum SCUBA cylinders are not a problem, they have flat bottoms and you can get a bunch of them standing in a small space. Steel SCUBA cylinders are a pain. They are heavy and their round bottoms mean you can’t stand them up. To solve the problem we have small pallets with short sides to keep the bottom row of cylinders from rolling off. Just to make sure that an inadvertent bump doesn’t cause a cascade of cylinders we use a 1″ strap to contain them with a metal cam buckle. They can be moved with a pallet jack without worry.

The metal 1″ cam buckle is perfect for this task. It is plenty strong enough, easy to thread and easy to tighten. If you want to try these buckles we have them on our web site. We also sell complete straps although what was used here was specifically made for the job at hand,  something we can also do for you- give us a call (253) 627-6000.

Double Bar Buckles


A while back I received a phone call from a company that was having problems with some rental tents. The tents used web straps with plastic double bar buckles and the buckles were breaking. Photos shot back and forth and it was evident the tent manufacturer was using the buckles improperly which was causing the problem.

If you check out the buckle on the left (the one without webbing) you see three  horizontal “bars”. The top one (with teeth) is part of the locking mechanism for the loose end of the strap. The middle bar is where you should be sewing your webbing like the buckle in the center with the green webbing. The bottom bar is NOT designed to be used as an attachment point. The buckle on the right with the red webbing is improperly assembled and with any sort of load, the bar will break.

We sell double bar buckle straps in widths from 3/4″ to 2″. They come in any length and our minimum order is one (1) strap. For those who want to make their own straps check out all of the buckles and webbing we have in stock.

Straps for moving furniture

Endless Sling

I just moved a truck load of furniture and had to unload it with only my wife’s help. To make our lives easier I took a couple of 2″ endless slings which would go under the feet of the sofa and other large pieces. This allowed us to lift with our legs and not have to bend over which puts more strain on your back. The ones we used had a 5 foot length (check the link below to find out how they are measured) but they could have been a bit shorter (the excess length did not matter so these are better too long than short).

The polypropylene webbing is nice and soft so it doesn’t hurt what you are lifting. With a cost of $7.25 each these really are a tool you need to have in your moving kit.

Here is the direct link to order 2″ endless slings.

Seattle Boat Show 2013, the aftermath

The 2013 Seattle Boat Show is over. Ten days is a long time for a show and for small companies like Westpac it can be quite an ordeal. The good news is this year customers were back out looking at products and asking questions. Time flies when you are busy in the booth and for the bulk of the days we we busy. Evenings were another story, it was dead but Seattle always seems to head off early for dinner (and a cocktail?) rather than going to a boat show.

This year there was some new equipment to see. We had the Kannad R10 manoverboard device and our own 5:1 lifting tackle. The lifting tackle was a big hit. Using an idea from rock climbing we were able to lower the price to $150.00 and still provide a super high quality piece of equipment. Check it out to see how we put it together. All the hardware is sailboat grade and the rope is actually made in the US by Sterling Rope.

There was some time to get out of our booth to check out what others had on offer. Satellite communications seems to be replacing single sideband radios. Following the recent sailboat race around the world shows how much information can be transmitted back and forth (if you have the money) with this type of equipment. LED lights are everywhere, maybe saving power for the satellite antennas, both for use inside and outside. Then there was the floating hot tub which did not look overly seaworthy. It was good to see new products after several years with nothing. Hopefully this is a trend brought about by a strengthening economy.

Seattle Boat Show 2013 Report #1

The 2013 Seattle Boat Show is about two months away but we are already busy preparing for it. Last Friday the show producer sent out their first draft of booth assignments. It appears we will be in the same general location on the west side of the concourse. The big change this year is Winslow Life Raft will be right next to us and we feel this will be a great move.

Over the past few years we have had great success selling our web straps at the show. Now whenever there is some free time webbing is being cut and buckles are being sewn on. This year we plan on bringing an even greater assortment to the show, new sizes and different buckle configurations. As always the best time of the year to buy straps and sail ties is at the show. We offer large discounts especially if you need 4 or more. Our special $1.00 side release buckle strap will also be returning.

We are also working on a new, less expensive 5:1 lifting tackle. It will still use high grade sailboat hardware but we think we have found a way to provide a dramatic price reduction. Hopefully by the first of December we will have more information, stay tuned.