Where was the EPIRB?

Two fishermen spent the better part of a day in their life raft after their lobster boat sank. Lucky, you bet, but where was their EPIRB? Most commercial fishing vessels are required to carry an EPIRB but in the report from Maine’s Department of Natural Resources there is no mention of one being deployed. I am sure we will hear more but my guess is that the crew were not able to grab the beacon prior to abandoning the vessel. If the water was not deep enough the EPIRB would not have self-deployed.

This shows why it is important to have an EPIRB or PLB packed in your life raft. PLB’s make the most sense, they are small and will pack in any raft and costing less than $250.00, very affordable. Add one the next time you have your life raft serviced.

Good news for all on Christmas Eve

Two sailors were rescued this morning in what appears to be a text book case of how the modern search and rescue system works.

  • They activated their EPIRB
  • Fixed wing aircraft located the stricken vessel
  • Helicopters attempted to rescue the pair
  • The final rescue was carried out by a merchant vessel
  • Everyone is safe

In the spirit of overspending at Christmas time, suppliers of marine life saving equipment must also be happy.

  • 6 life rafts were dropped by the search and rescue team, they will need to be replaced
  • The EPIRB used to notify search and rescue will need to be replaced, or at least serviced
  • Boat builders and equipment suppliers will be queuing up to replace the sailboat which appears to be lost

It is nice to have a safe ending to a disaster such as this, even better on Christmas Eve.

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