How to label your MOM

There is a new requirement for sailboat racers to put the vessel’s name on life saving equipment. How do you do that with equipment like the MOM-8 which is packed and requires a professional to remove from its case and get it back together in working order? It is simple!

mom_label As you can see from this label the pylon is connected to both the lifebuoy and the “tray”. The tray is the bottom part of the MOM’s container so all you need to do is put the vessel’s name on the tray.

















Here is a view of the bottom of a pylon and the tether connecting it to the tray.

So it’s simple, just put the vessel’s name on the tray and you have labeled your MOM and the race committee should be happy. This is the same way that commercial life rafts are labeled. They use a watertight container that is packed outside the life raft container and tethered to the raft using line or webbing. That way you can change the information without paying to have the equipment serviced.