Life rafts on pushpits- followup

Back on October 30th I wrote about why mounting your life raft on the pushpit is not something I endorse. On December 17th the blog of the S/V Nereida talks more about this issue. In the article she states “I noticed the supports seemed to be rather loose” so while in the Southern Ocean tools needed to be brought out to fix the problem.

If you read Jeanne’s blog you will learn that this raft needed to be mounted by herself while at anchor is Sausalito, CA so it was a very difficult job. Still I have not heard of deck mounted cradles that are through bolted with backing plates coming loose.

Along with following Jeanne’s adventure I have also been keeping up with the Vendée Globe race. There is amazing video of these extremely powerful sailboats who are now in the Southern Ocean south of Australia. Every once in a while you get to see how they mount their life rafts and the pounding that they take from waves. It gives you a better understanding about the forces involved and why through bolting and back plates are necessary.