LifeSling Maintenance

While at the 2014 Seattle Boat Show a customer brought to my attention a potential issue with the rope on the LifeSling product.

His concern was regarding the knot that is used to form the loop. He feels that if the stitching holding the tail to the line that attaches to the vessel comes undone, that the knot would slip. With the stitching in place everything is safe.

After the show I tied the knot, which is a strange one at best, and attempted to see if it would slip. I pulled in every possible direction and with every combination of ends possible and the knot seemed to hold.

All of my pulling was done without having the tail seized to the main line that goes to the vessel.  While I was not able to get the knot to slip I was not exerting as much force as a user might while recovering a victim from the water. After my desk gets emptied from the aftermath of the show I might try this again with more force.

What should you do? At a minimum I suggest that you inspect your LifeSling to ensure that the stitching holding the tail to the main line is in good shape. If not the safe course of action would be to replace the unit. LifeSling’s are not that expensive and are an excellent piece of life saving equipment. While you could redo the stitching, most likely at that point there are other issues with the unit.