Without safety gear the Coast Guard’s job is just that much more difficult

The United States Coast Guard recently came to the rescue of two sailboats off of the Washington coast.  All four people rescued are in good shape but one of the vessels was not equipped with immersion (survival) suits so the Coast Guard helicopter crew had to leave the rescue to obtain survival suits to lower to the crew.

For around $300.00 you can purchase a new immersion (survival) suit and greatly increase your chance of survival should you need to abandon your vessel. These suits last between 10 and 15 years with minimal service which you can do yourself. You can easily take them from boat to boat should you be the crew on a number of vessels. Forgo a cup of coffee at McDonalds one a month and you have covered the cost of an immersion suit.

Here is the full news release from the United States Coast Guard:


Immersion Suit Donning Poster

Immersion suit donning poster

Customers have been asking us for an Immersion Suit Donning poster printed on durable vinyl that could be exposed to the elements. We now have them in stock. They are about 8″ wide and 10½” tall and are printed on white self-adhesive vinyl. This is a generic poster, not brand specific and covers both USCG and SOLAS immersion suits.

You can order them from http://WestpacMarine.com or by calling (253) 627-6000, they are $9.40 each.

What is this guy trying to say?

Kent Immersion Suit

Kent’s new immersion suit is equipped with safety green hands, bladder and ankle straps for superior visibility. Also note the great support for the “victim’s” head, keeping it out of the water and allowing him to float in a comfortable position. These new suits will be in stock this fall in all the popular sizes.

My guess for what he is trying to say- look mom, green hands!