Install a hydrostatic release in a GME EPIRB

If you need to replace the hydrostatic release in a GME Category I EPIRB, here are the steps.

  1. Install the bolt and yellow curved plastic piece with its “buttons” pointing down.
  2. Next place the hydrostatic release with the top label pointing down over the bolt and curved yellow piece. Remember to date the release prior to installing it- the date should be two (2) years from the date you install the release. Then place the yellow top piece over the release. Note the position of the “button”.
  3. Finally pull the stainless steel spring down over the release. Thread the stainless nut over the plastic bolt and tighten until it is snug. You are now finished.

We have hydrostatic release kits in stock for GME EPIRBs. The come with a new Hammar H20E release, special bolt and stainless steel nut.

Hydrostatic Release Installation


You just had your life raft serviced, now it is your responsibility to make sure that the hydrostatic release unit (HRU) is properly installed. It is amazing how many times I see or hear of improper installations. Sometimes it is even the Coast Guard inspector giving improper advise.

If you don’t hook the HRU up properly, your life raft WILL NOT function properly!

Most HRU’s sold in the United States are manufactured by C.M. Hammar. They have a slick tool to teach proper HRU installation. It is a movie and I am not sure that all computers will be able to run it but it is worth checking out.

If you have a Switlik life raft in a flat container I have a page that goes through the proper installation.

Still not sure? Call your service facility. What ever you do make sure that everything is properly hooked up, your life depends on it.