Joes Post #5


Today (8/8/14) CNN had an article about 20 stunning cliffside beaches. One of the beaches was in Etretat, France.

The black and white images at the top and bottom were taken by Joe during World War II, the color image was used in the CNN article. The both look at the same arch, just from opposite sides.


This is the beach at Etretat, rocks not sand. The boats are still there although a bit more modern. I doubt the fishermen still live in the town, it has become a bit of a tourist trap.


Étretat during WW II- Joe’s post #1

My partner, Joe, was in the airborne during World War II. His father was a professional photographer and Joe was lucky enough to have a camera while in Europe so that we can enjoy his work many years later. A few years ago he gave me all of his negatives to scan and while some were in bad shape, a good number were fantastic. Joe has agreed to share some of his best so keep an eye open for future postings.

The picture above was taken on the beach in Étretat which is on the coast of France in the Normandy region.  Wikipedia has a good write up on the town and the beach looks the same today as it did in the 1940’s. The only difference is now the fishermen use outboard motors rather than oars.

Joe was on leave to recover from being shot when he took this picture. He had been in a hospital in Paris so this must have been close to the end of the war.

Since our main business is selling safety equipment I have to point out the lack of any form of safety gear in this picture. Not a life jacket in sight and the fishermen are fully dressed and most likely wearing leather or rubber boots. Going overboard would have been fatal.

Joe and I hope you enjoy this diversion.