Straps for cylinders


We have a problem handling cylinders that are in our shop for hydrotesting. Aluminum SCUBA cylinders are not a problem, they have flat bottoms and you can get a bunch of them standing in a small space. Steel SCUBA cylinders are a pain. They are heavy and their round bottoms mean you can’t stand them up. To solve the problem we have small pallets with short sides to keep the bottom row of cylinders from rolling off. Just to make sure that an inadvertent bump doesn’t cause a cascade of cylinders we use a 1″ strap to contain them with a metal cam buckle. They can be moved with a pallet jack without worry.

The metal 1″ cam buckle is perfect for this task. It is plenty strong enough, easy to thread and easy to tighten. If you want to try these buckles we have them on our web site. We also sell complete straps although what was¬†used here was specifically made for the job at hand, ¬†something we can also do for you- give us a call (253) 627-6000.