Parachute Cord


Browsing around on the web I have run in to several articles regarding parachute cord. You can make bracelets with it or use it as a survival item.  Just in case you are in need of some cord, or the components to make a bracelet, we have them.


1/2″ Side Release Buckles

We only sell commercial grade parachute cord which is not designed for use in parachutes. Parachute cord is often referred to as 550 cord, denoting its theoretical breaking strength. That is for the mil-spec version which is really designed for parachute use.

Parachute cord gets its strength from the parallel strands of nylon in the center of the cord.


They are covered by  tightly woven nylon which protects them from chafe. Being made from nylon, parachute cord is very stretchy (good for adsorbing shock when the parachute opens) and offers pretty good UV resistance. Nylon does adsorb water and it tends to shrink after being wet which will make it a bit stiffer.

Oh, the first picture? Joe took that during a training jump in Europe. From what he has told me being a paratrooper was not a pleasant experience. Something about having someone shooting at you while being airsick. We have to thank Joe and others from the “greatest generation” for having the courage to do what they had to do.