Courage, Faith & Culture, a book review



One of our customers, Capt. Michael Baker, gave me a copy of his book, Courage, Faith and Culture covering three fisherman’s 87 ordeal in the Central Pacific. The book showed that two things are really important when faced with a survival situation:

  1. The will to live.
    Customers often ask, “how long can I survive in this life raft”? The answer depends on your desire to survive. In this book you see three men who never gave up their will to survive, helped by their strong faith.
  2. Good leadership.
    Roitam, the owner-skipper of the skiff involved in this tale provided firm, fair leadership. There were times when I am sure it was not popular but without leadership I am sure the outcome would have been much different.

The trio also used common sense, keeping gear properly stowed and rescuing objects they found floating that would prove to be useful in the future. The one thing missing from their gear was and EPIRB (or PLB) which would have shortened their ordeal significantly.

Is the book a page turner? No, but it did keep me reading wanting to find out what the next day would bring. It does bring plenty of useful survival advise and is worth reading if you are heading offshore. Amazon stocks the book but it is  only available in print. You can also order directly from the author.