What has happened to Avon life rafts?

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Avon life rafts used to be the major brand in the recreational marine market. Several years ago they were purchased by Zodiac who were already selling their own brand of life rafts in the United States. Zodiac supported the Avon brand for a few years but what they seemed to be doing was moving their customers over to their main brand.

Obtaining spare parts and technical support has become more difficult and we are now at a point were we can not guarantee that we can get what we need to service a specific raft. If we have all the parts on the shelf, there is no problem so it is worth calling and discussing your service needs.

This is not the first brand Zodiac has phased out. We used to sell and service BFA life rafts until once again, Zodiac decided not to support the brand in the U.S. Over the years Uniraft, Achilles, Autoflug and others have all suffered the same fate. If you own an Avon life raft the good news (if there is such a thing in this case) is the cost of rafts has come down and you can most likely replace yours for less than it originally cost.

Note: If you are reading this from outside the U.S., Avon is most likely still supported. Check with your local approved service facility.