Lifting tackle modification

A customer asked if there was a way to modify our 5:1 lifting tackle so it would be easier to extend. Having the Prusik knot on the upper triple block put the least load on the knot when hoisting but it makes it difficult to extend the device to its full length. We did a little checking and some testing and found an easy solution.


Moving the Prusik knot to the lower double block allows you to keep it loose for extending the lifting tackle but still work great under load.

The first step is removing the Prusik cord from the upper triple block.


The you retie the knot on the correct leg of rope (see the first image and follow the pink arrows) on the lower double block. The second image above shows the first loop of the Prusik knot.


Here we have completed the knot by passing the cord through for the second loop. Needless to say inspecting the knot prior to removing it in the first place would make this easier.


Now we have attached the Prusik cord to the shackle on the lower double block and other than tightening up the knot, our work is done.


The lifting tackle is ready to be put back in to service and now it will be much simpler to extend it to its full length. As of June 28, 2016 all of the 5:1 lifting tackles ordered from us will be rigged in this manner.

If you need any help performing this modification give me a call at (253) 627-6000.

New Products October 2013

We have two new products on our web site.

The first is a 90′ rope bag for use with a life ring. ┬áIt is made from rugged Cordura fabric and has 90 feet of 3/8″ yellow poly stowed inside. The Cordura bag protects the rope from UV deterioration (other than the end which protrudes and is attached to your life ring). The other end of the rope is spliced to the black polyester webbing at the top of the bag.

This bag provides a simple and neat way to stow a life line and since we produce it in house the price is very attractive.


Since we were busy with our sewing machine we have also produced a storage bag for our 5:1 lifting tackle. This is something customers have been asking for and we have used the same rugged Cordura fabric to protect the tackle and its orange color makes it easy to locate. With a flat bottom this bag will sit upright when loaded with the 5:1 lifting tackle. The draw string closure with cord lock keeps everything in place until you need it. We have used a cord lock that is all plastic- no parts to rust, since this type of gear tends to be stowed in damp locations.spesifikasi android