Double Bar Buckles


A while back I received a phone call from a company that was having problems with some rental tents. The tents used web straps with plastic double bar buckles and the buckles were breaking. Photos shot back and forth and it was evident the tent manufacturer was using the buckles improperly which was causing the problem.

If you check out the buckle on the left (the one without webbing) you see three  horizontal “bars”. The top one (with teeth) is part of the locking mechanism for the loose end of the strap. The middle bar is where you should be sewing your webbing like the buckle in the center with the green webbing. The bottom bar is NOT designed to be used as an attachment point. The buckle on the right with the red webbing is improperly assembled and with any sort of load, the bar will break.

We sell double bar buckle straps in widths from 3/4″ to 2″. They come in any length and our minimum order is one (1) strap. For those who want to make their own straps check out all of the buckles and webbing we have in stock.

Straps for moving furniture

Endless Sling

I just moved a truck load of furniture and had to unload it with only my wife’s help. To make our lives easier I took a couple of 2″ endless slings which would go under the feet of the sofa and other large pieces. This allowed us to lift with our legs and not have to bend over which puts more strain on your back. The ones we used had a 5 foot length (check the link below to find out how they are measured) but they could have been a bit shorter (the excess length did not matter so these are better too long than short).

The polypropylene webbing is nice and soft so it doesn’t hurt what you are lifting. With a cost of $7.25 each these really are a tool you need to have in your moving kit.

Here is the direct link to order 2″ endless slings.

Boarding the MOM-600

The MOM-600 is a fantastic device for crew recovery. If someone falls overboard you can toss it to them and it will auto-inflate. Boarding is simple,  [youtube=] you just use the internal life lines to pull yourself up on to the device. Once the victim is onboard the MOM-600 he (and we all know why there are more men overboard than women) can just climb back on to your vessel. This is especially important if you don’t have the lifting equipment and the headroom needed to recover a victim using products like the LifeSling.

The MOM-600 comes in two models with the only difference being the inflatable pylon.  They only weigh 15 pounds and have a packed size of 17″ x 17″ x 3½”.

Basic MOM-600

Deluxe MOM-600 with inflatable pylon