Life rafts on pushpits

Customers often ask why I don’t like the idea of mounting a life raft vertically on the pushpit. My response is that you stand a good chance of losing the raft overboard, and today when reading the blog of S/V Nereida just this had happened.

First Jeanne noticed the raft was improperly installed  and then two days later the raft self-deployed and was lost overboard. Hopefully she makes it safely to San Francisco to get her replacement raft. Maybe she will have enough internet coverage to provide us with some pictures of her new installation.

Inflatable life jacket for those with over 54″ chest size

We have searched long and hard for an inflatable life jacket that would fits folks with chest sizes over 54 inches. This seems to be the maximum allowed by the U.S. Coast Guard but we have located a product designed for aviation use which fits the bill.

The Switlik X-Back vest will fit those with over 54″ chest sizes in addition to fitting those with smaller chest sizes. It is a manual inflation life jacket (aviation life jackets never use auto-inflators) and it is NOT U.S. Coast Guard approved so you will have to carry a normal life jacket on board to comply with USCG regulations. Still this is an excellent product that will provide years of service and be comfortable to wear.

For more information or if you wish to order an X-Back Life Vest our web store will fill you in.